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Health insurance discounts for expats and international students

Are you looking for a new health insurance in the Netherlands? If you are a student or expat there may be reasons why you don't need to be insured. In general you will need a health insurance within four months of registering in the Netherlands. Health insurance companies offer a multitude of different health insurance plans at different rates. Your basic health insurance plan could eat up a large chunk of your monthly budget. Fortunately there is a way to enjoy health insurance discounts. It is now possible to sign up as a free member of the collective Postcode Zorgcollectief. Anyone can sign up for this plan through which you get great health insurance discounts on your new health insurance with Nationale Nederlanden.


Health insurance discounts help you save money

The health insurance plan offered at a discount rate by Nationale Nederlanden is available to anyone. No medical tests are required to be eligible for the basic health care plan on offer. You will receive an 8% discount on the basic plan. On top of this you can choose to take out additional packages. You receive a 20% discount on the dental care insurance for example. On all other additional packages on top of your basic care insurance you will receive a discount ranging between 15% and 30%! This way you can enjoy the best care available offered by a renowned insurer.

Freedom of choice with health insurance discounts

One of the best things about taking out the health insurance plan with Nationale Nederlanden through the Postcode Zorgcollectief is the fact that you are completely free in choosing your preferred doctor, specialist or hospital. Some providers of health insurance in the Netherlands only offer a reimbursement of the cost of health care if you visit specific doctors. If you are insured with Nationale Nederlanden you can always get a second opinion from a top specialist, of course this is covered by your insurance plan. Do you have any children under the age of 18? Then your children can be insured free of charge. Other members in your family can enjoy the same discounts as you!

Sign up for the best health insurance discounts and save a lot of money on your monthly health care expense. Signing up to the Postcode Zorgcollectief is free of charge and available to anyone. When you are insured with Nationale Nederlanden you can enjoy additional discounts on health improving activities such as sports.

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